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Editions Cythere-critique : News

80, Book artist Luisa Gardini on a text of
Benedict Grean (in French, Italian, German).

"This text 80, Me first was asked by a German magazine, Artic, Who planned a number on the theme of quicksilver (Quecksilber). I've played on the data of mercury whose atomic number is 80, and the character of God smuggler (Mercury / Hermes), where this poem of 80 words ,.....

" Here and elsewhere.....

November 2006

     [...] At this point we can perhaps do a bit of philosophy and affirm that at the beginning was Walter Benjamin: Image film is dialectical. Historical experience is through the image. It is not natural history chronologically but according to Agamben the word of messianic history ...




"History & Social Sciences ...

The CID is to upload photos of 780 archival photographic Jean Pottier.

This fund covers a period of nearly fifty years of photojournalism (1956-2005) and covers many social issues.
These images were scanned in the Odyssey project (s) (European program Equal) designed to "train mediators memory to fight against discrimination. "

                           "Archives and pictures"

Comparison of supply in Humanities and Social


State sites (CNRS)

A counselor:

- Cairn, portal of reviews of human and social sciences. 63 online journals.
- New electronic journals from the Paris  EHESS

-- History Journals Online

Audiovisual archives

Living Heritage humanities and social gathering 201 interviews , 49 symposia and 30 seminars in 630French and foreign researchers

»News / memory texts .....

English Translation (USA) by Ken Knabb Bureau of Public Secrets (Bay Area) text of the Situanist International
with an italian foreword

"Formulary for a New Urbanism"

(first translation of the complete text by Ivan Shcheglov)

"Phonotheque ........

Perhaps this is sought through life, nothing

that the greatest grief can become

himself before dying. "Louis-Ferd. Celine



"Online journals

"Press .....      

Avril 06      


In Le Monde Diplomatique article: The Birth of the Modern World, 1780-1914 with this question: How did the modern world? Why Europe Does emerged as the center of the world in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries? This domination is it the result of a "culture", or elements of modernization, they were already present on other continents?

"Collection Objectal .......

Inauguration of our editorial activity


 >> Nota bene

The Pompidou Center has recently devoted an exhibition to Dada. Our collaborator Philippe Pogam just published by Editions Cythera a critique book on the history of the concept of avant-garde movements in art, cultural and political in the first half of twentieth century (the emergence and decline). Working under the auspices of Richard Huelsenbeck: "We are here unintentionally, we have not the slightest ambition to entertain you" (Dada in 1916). It is the apparent paradox of this book.


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